Qi Gong on Zoom

I am still running a Qi gong class on zoom on Friday mornings at 8am. All are welcome to attend. It is simple soft slow movement and open to all with little or no experience.. Cost is £5-£10 per class. The zoom link is below. Wu Wei is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Qi gong with Jeremy Join Zoom Meetinghttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/87897176902 Meeting ID: 878 9717 6902

Qi Gong Outside

I will be running both my Qi gong classes outside this summer in Priory Ruins in Lewes. Practicing outside is beautiful. Come and join our beginners class on Thursdays at 7.15pm every week weather permitting. Contact me to secure your place. £10 drop in. All welcome. 07929742243 or email mymarshallarts@hotmail.co.uk

Qi Gong via zoom

I am currently teaching 8 classes a week on zoom. Most of these are to my existing tai chi and qi gong students, but I have two sessions open to anyone. Tuesday and Friday morning at 9.30am. You can email me here if you are interested in qi gong on zoom during this lockdown/social distancing time.. It is totally possible to teach Qi gong on zoom. To hold the space

Tai chi practice

Nothing can be achieved without practice. The tai chi must become your own. Slowly over time you must polish it like a stone, nourish it, grow it, enjoy it, love the feeling of mental and physical peace and stillness that it leaves you with. Ultimately it becomes your own personal journey, the Tai ji becomes a way to find the ever moving still state of your own personal Tao. It

Beginners Qi Gong in Lewes

I am starting a brand new Qi gong class for total beginners in Lewes on Thursday 12th of September. This is especially exciting for me as I have been running a mixed level class for some time, but have found it quite hard to teach complete beginners and those people that have been practicing Qi gong for a while, at the same time. This is double exciting because I will

Tai chi for balance

I teach a lot of Tai chi to elderly people, and the most common reason people come to tai chi is to improve their balance. As people get older, falling over becomes more of an issue and the consequences of falling also increase. A lot of elderly people also have osteoporosis, or decreased bone density, and so the chances of broken bones and being hospitalised also increases. 30% of people

Qi Gong in Lewes on Thursday nights.

This Thursday my Qi gong in Lewes class continues at 6.30-8pm at Trinity Church Hall on saint James street, just off Southover. This term I will be focusing more on beginners skills and needs. So we will be working on movements from the “Eternal Spring,” our foundation set of simple movements that teach the beginner how to move in a relaxed, connected, mindful way. You can see my teacher, Michael

Beginners Tai chi in Lewes

On 21st January I will be starting a new beginners Tai chi class. This is an ideal class for anyone who has ever wondered what tai chi is all about. Perhaps you are looking to get fit and be more active after the excesses of Christmas . Even though Tai chi is performed slowly it is still a great way to get fit. Anyone who saw Trust me I’m a

first post

Welcome to my first post! I will be writing about acupuncture, tai chi and qi gong. This is one of my favourite classes to teach. Tai chi at age concern in hassocks. I love teaching the elderly, and have recently begun teaching tai chi at the 60plus club in Seaford as well.