Jeremy Marshall

Welcome to my website.

Here you will find information about how I use Chinese medicine to help people change and achieve their health goals.

I practice Acupuncture in Seaford and Acupuncture in Hassocks.

There is also information about my Tai chi and Qi gong classes.

If you are looking to transform your health then I provide many solutions based on the wisdom of Chinese medicine and philosophy.

With over 13 years of full-time acupuncture practice and over 22 years of experience in Tai chi & Qi gong, thousands of people have improved their physical and mental health through the work I do.

As a 6th generation disciple of the Wu family Tai ji Quan, and a senior instructor in the Wu shi Taijiquan and Qi Gong association I have received a traditional training in both of these arts. I teach Wu style Tai chi in Lewes, Qi gong in Lewes at Unity Centre, and Tai chi for the elderly in Hassocks at Age Concern. There is also Qi gong on Zoom for those that are further afield.

I practice acupuncture in Seaford, at the Heeler centre in Hassocks and also at the Tree of life in hove. Here I work as part of the hove community acupuncture team. I am also a member of the British Acupuncture Council, and am a long time student of Taoist priest and Master Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen.

Acupuncture with Jeremy is much more than just having needles put in place. His level of knowledge, wisdom and compassion is outstanding and he is a true healer who works on the mind, body and spirit. What an inspiration to find somebody who is living his life true passion and is dedicated to helping others. F, Burgess Hill


Burgess Hill
“I came to see Jeremy about my menopausal symptoms and already in two sessions my hot flushes and night sweats have reduced drastically and I’m able to get a good night’s sleep. The acupuncture is really helping me manage my menopause without having to resort to HRT”
A. Hassocks



I had tried every available treatment and diet over a two year period for a severe digestive issue. My symptoms were affecting my ability to function in every day life, making me unhappy and anxious. I really couldn’t understand how after just one appointment with Jeremy Marshall my symptoms improved drastically. After three further sessions I am completely back to normal.
His vast knowledge and quietly confident manner made it easy for me to trust his diagnosis and subsequent treatment.
I can’t thank him enough for helping me so much when all else had failed.
C W. Hassocks


‘I’m so glad I found Jeremy. His skill, dedication and experience is matched by an obvious love for the practice. Jeremy’s classes are always fun, varied and informative and he really pays attention to each person. His patience, kindness and encouragement when I was recovering from an operation meant I regained full use of my hip – it’s actually more flexible than before. Highly recommended and very much appreciated.’


East Susses