This Thursday my Qi gong in Lewes class continues at 6.30-8pm at Trinity Church Hall on saint James street, just off Southover.

This term I will be focusing more on beginners skills and needs. So we will be working on movements from the “Eternal Spring,” our foundation set of simple movements that teach the beginner how to move in a relaxed, connected, mindful way. You can see my teacher, Michael acton perform the Eternal Spring here.

This opens up the body, both physically and energetically and teaches all the fundamental vocabulary of coordinated movement. It allows the beginner to get a sense for the waves and currents that appear within the body as movements become familiar and are repeated. This allows both the body and the mind to become stable, calm and present.

The last half an hour of the class will be dedicated to some of the more quieter and meditative Qi gong methods, such as the “Large heavenly circuit” or the “Self strengthening method.” Here the idea is to use the mind to guide and induce the flow of Qi within the movement rather than focusing on the sensation of the body moving. It is also an opportunity to really become still, as by this stage the mind has given up some of its resistance and becomes much more present.

This class is open to beginners and those with some experience. £10 per class. Qi Gong in Lewes on Thursdays 6.30-8pm.

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