On 21st January I will be starting a new beginners Tai chi class. This is an ideal class for anyone who has ever wondered what tai chi is all about. Perhaps you are looking to get fit and be more active after the excesses of Christmas . Even though Tai chi is performed slowly it is still a great way to get fit. Anyone who saw Trust me I’m a Doctor in October on the BBC will tell you that Tai chi delivered similar health benefits to Zumba in terms of heart health. Click here to read the full story.

However Tai chi is more than just a physical exercise. By moving slowly, several things happen. Firstly you have more time to listen to your body and consciously relax any tension downwards. This creates a very grounded, connected sense of the body which is then explored through simple flowing movements. When deep slow abdominal breath is then added, this gives the movement its rhythm, power and grace.

By combining mind, breath and movement Tai chi becomes different to normal exercise. Much more meditative in nature, the mind is able to slow down and become more present.

It is indeed a wonderful thing. Contact me today to secure your place on the beginners tai chi course.

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