Qi gong on zoom

I am currently teaching 8 classes a week on zoom. Most of these are to my existing tai chi and qi gong students, but I have two sessions open to anyone. Tuesday and Friday morning at 9.30am. You can email me here if you are interested in qi gong on zoom during this lockdown/social distancing time..

It is totally possible to teach Qi gong on zoom. To hold the space and get people to drop into the Qi gong zone. Also to facilitate learning of movements. What is harder is to give feedback and postural corrections. Thats virtually impossible with more than a handful of people. Most people forget I need to see them and so don’t angle their computer so I can see them. Also, with 10,15 people in a class it becomes difficult to give verbal corrections to one person and not disturb the calm and flow of the class.

I am currently teaching a 5 Element Qi gong sequence and some other simple Qi gong on zoom. all very accessible and a good entry point for someone that has little or no experience.

The classes are designed around general health, improving immunity and providing mental grounding. I just ask for a donation of £3-8 per class, whatever you can afford.

You can see my teacher Michael Acton, founder of the Wu Shi Taiji and Qi Gong Association perform the 5 Element Qi gong sequence on facebook here.

Feel free to email me to join the class.

See you soon.

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