Tai Chi

Whether you are looking to practice Tai chi to maintain good  health, dissolve physical and mental tension, breath better, learn to meditate or understand the martial aspects of this art we can help you achieve these goals.

We teach traditional Wu style Tai Ji Quan (Tai chi) direct from the Wu family in Shanghai, and offer a full syllabus of methods including the long slow form, several weapons forms, pushing hands methods, and the fast form.

Beginners Tai chi

In the beginning we start with simple movements that teach the principles behind all Tai chi & qi gong.

How to stand, how to walk. How to dissolve tension downwards. How to breath deeply. How to connect the rotation in the waist with the rotation in the arms. How to move as one interconnected unit and how to connect Body breath and mind.

These principles are the foundation of the Tai chi form and much of the first 10 weeks will be spent on getting the student to learn these principles before beginning to learn the form.

During our life we accumulate much physical and mental tension and by learning something new such as Tai chi, we are offered an opportunity to put in place new physical and mental habits that can change who we are. Tai chi is the physical manifestation of Taoist philosophical principles and so its practice can have a transformative effect on the human experience.

Tai chi is a wonderful journey, but like all journeys, can be harder than expected at all stages, but especially in the beginning. Try to let go of your expectations or judgements and just be present with the experience of moving your body in a new way. Tai chi does not require anything special to reap its bountiful rewards other than practice, patience and perseverance.

These beginners classes are the perfect environment to explore Tai chi


“It’s difficult to define what is so special about Jeremy’s tai chi class.  It’s possibly just being able to spend an hour and a half thinking of nothing else other than movement, but it’s more than that.  Jeremy is guiding us through the Wu style Long Form, beginning with lots of seemingly random movements which suddenly coalesce into part of the Form in a very satisfying way.  Also now the pleasure of knowing most of the sequence and being able to concentrate on staying connected and relaxed as we do it, aware of the Yang and the Yin in every movement.  Well, that’s the theory – a lot more practise needed!”

PH Lewes

“Jeremy is an excellent teacher. He is warm, patient and has a sense of humour. Learning Tai Chi is a lengthy undertaking, and it is important to find a teacher you trust and like. The classes involve hard work, but are also fun. Learning the sequence of movements is easier when you understand their original meaning when used as a martial art, and Jeremy is good at explaining this.”

S Lewes

“Tai Chi classes Wu style held every Monday, beginners 5-6 p.m and intermediates 6.15 – 7.45 p.m. The venue is great, large room with high ceilings, wooden floors and large windows. The groups are warm, friendly and supportive of each other. Jeremy is a great teacher, going over movements again and again until they become second nature and always happy to explain things. He also explores the meaning of the movements to go deeper into the philosophy of Tai Chi.”

M Lewes

“Jeremy is a wonderful teacher. He is patient, supportive and welcoming. I have enjoyed all his classes and feel that I am making progress with my practice. Highly recommended!”

P Lewes